Preamble Lukas Gähwiler

Apprenticeships have a future

As founding member and Presenting Partner of the SwissSkills Initiative, we have stepped up our commitment to apprenticeship training in 2017.

Together with SwissSkills and a network of capable partners, we have made it our goal to present apprenticeship training in Switzerland as it really is: an excellent first step in a career with countless possibilities for personal and professional development.

Education is one of Switzerland’s most vital resources in the face of global competition. There are many different educational pathways that can lead to a successful career. This is one of the greatest strengths of the Swiss economy. And it is why we support educational projects as a matter of principle - across all age groups.

We have long been one of the largest providers of apprenticeships in Switzerland and welcome our social responsibility. With our commitment to SwissSkills, we aim to consistently and tangibly strengthen our contribution to promoting education while bolstering society.

Good apprenticeship training is also something that I personally feel strongly about. My career started with a banking apprenticeship. The combination of practical experience, classroom-based learning and opportunities for further training gave me the tools I needed to successfully pursue my dream career. Every young person in Switzerland should have this opportunity - now and in the future.

Lukas Gähwiler
Chairman UBS Switzerland