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In a time where everything is uncertain, how do we know what's real or fake? We've teamed up with more than 50 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences who share their answers to some of the toughest challenges. Whether it's about an economic border, global warming or labor markets, the only way to get really good answers is by asking the right questions.

Laureates in Focus:

The questions shaping our world

Want to cut through the media noise and get insights from some of the brightest economic thinkers of our time, Nobel Laureates? Find answers to your questions on economics, politics and society by using our search bar.


The Nobel Perspectives podcast delivers insights on the topics, people and places that are shaping the financial environment. Hear from Nobel Laureates in Economics who share their views on everything from climate change, behavioral economics and the tech revolution.

Environmental Economics

Can economics combat climate change? Do we need a carbon tax? How can we provide the right incentives for businesses to reduce pollution and introduce greener products? Environmental economists study the challenges of climate change, the benefits of renewable energy and how we can achieve economic sustainability.


The tempo of technological change is rapidly increasing, changing the way we live and work. Where’s technology heading? Which countries will become tech leaders? Join when Nobel Laureates explain why it’s important to keep up with change.

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