Photo: Daniel von Holzen

What's it worth to read News for Banks, the news channel of UBS's Bank for Banks service? For Cheryl Buss, it was worth a brand new luxury Swiss watch from Hublot.

Buss was the lucky winner of our watch raffle at SIBOS in Geneva this year – although it wasn't only luck that was in play.

As per the rules of the contest, to be eligible to win Buss first had to correctly answer three questions taken from the articles in the latest edition of our print magazine, “News for Banks.”

During the four days of SIBOS, more than 650 visitors to our stand filled out our questionnaire and took their chances. Only those questionnaires with three right answers were entered into the raffle.

Cheryl Buss with her new Hublot Swiss watch, courtesy of UBS. The Bank for Banks. Photo: Stefan Suppiger (UBS)


As publishers, we were very gratified to see the interest in our magazine among our SIBOS guests. And also to learn how closely they paid attention: almost three-quarters of the questionnaires came back with all correct answers.

But at the end of the day, at least when it came to the watch, a bit of luck was needed as well. From the over 450 valid entries, it was ultimately Buss's that was taken out of the hat.

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