Investment insights

Trading ideas that match your interests

How long does it take to find potential trading ideas? Investment insights offer you CIO investment content based on your financial interests. Our market experts propose trading ideas which you receive directly in your UBS Digital Banking.

Benefits at a glance



Receive proactive trading ideas from our market experts tailored to your financial interests.



Drawing on our analyses, we explain each proposed investment product to you.


Execute our trading ideas directly in your Digital Banking.

Investment insights in UBS Digital Banking

Define your interests and receive trading suggestions tailored to your needs. Find out more in the video.

Ready to go in four steps

1. Menu

  • In your UBS Mobile Banking App, tap on “More” at the bottom right.
  • Select “Investment insights” under “Markets & Trading”
Finanzielle Interessen definieren

2. Define your financial interests

  • Tap the three dots in the upper right.
  • Select “Financial interests”.
  • Enter your financial interests by selecting the categories you are interested in and save your choice.

3. Set up notifications

  • Tap the three points on the upper right.
  • Select “Notifications”.
  • For push notifications, activate “Notifications” and “Push-Notifications”.
  • You can also add your email address and phone number. Save your entry.
Benachrichtigungen einrichten
Los geht’s

4. Let’s get started

  • Has an article piqued your interest? Discover suitable trading ideas.
  • Get more background and market information about the trading idea.
  • Now execute the order: simple and intuitive with our self-service trading.

First steps

Execute trading ideas