An environmental tip for every month

You can do a lot to protect nature with just a few tips and tricks – Topsy shows you how.

Environmental tip for every month

Fields, trees and meadows – Topsy and his friends love nature. That's why they always take care of the environment. And they're going to show you how you can help protect nature too. Because nobody’s too young to be a conservationist.

Don't want to miss anything from Topsy?

Don't want to miss anything from Topsy?

myclimate is your partner for effective climate protection – locally and globally. We help shape the future of our world with consulting services, education and climate protection projects. myclimate has established a successful, long-term partnership with UBS which is now being expanded and strengthened with a new component. As a provider of prize-winning training projects, myclimate will accompany Topsy and his friends throughout the environment year with commitment and expertise.