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UBS Advice

Are you making your own investment decisions? If so, it’s crucial to keep your emotions in check. Becoming unnerved in times of market stress or getting too enthusiastic when everything’s rising can impact your investment performance in the long run. But there’s a way to avoid irrational decisions and stay in control.

When you need a co-pilot

Our solution? An advised portfolio. It gives you access to all the research and recommendations of our team of analysts. You also get a personal advisor who makes suggestions to keep your portfolio on track. Think of them like your personal co-pilot, helping you stay cool, calm and collected in the face of whatever the markets throw at you. With an advised portfolio, we give you great advice, but you’re still in the driving seat.

UBS Advice:

  • A team of investment experts managing your portfolio
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring so we can react quickly to risks on your behalf
  • Control over your investment strategy at any time
  • Optional access to a specialist to discuss your investments
  • An all-inclusive price
UBS Advice


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What we can offer you with our consulting services

  • Full control over every single financial transaction
  • Timely update on every single investment opportunity
  • Regular monitoring on your investment strategy so that it always mirrors your risk profile and goals
  • Receiving online investment proposals
  • Optional access to investment specialists for complex financial situations

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Prefer to let us run

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