It all starts with a plan

You didn't start your business without a plan - don't exit it without one. UBS has a long history of working with entrepreneurs planning their business, family and investment needs as they approach a liquidity event.

We know that the most successful entrepreneurs have a passion for their business - a purpose beyond the profit - that drives them to succeed. Selling your business takes a lot of thought and planning. UBS can help.

Your financial situation can change overnight and planning well in advance has its rewards. Early wealth management advice can help you structure your assets to extract and maximise the value of their company.

Our wealth planning experts will walk you through ways you can protect and preserve your hard-earned wealth, making sure that you and your family are covered so that the moment the next stage in your life starts you are ready to enjoy it.

Whether you want to leave money in trust for your children, sort out your pension arrangements or increasingly, become a philanthropist, we can help you achieve your goals.

The experience of exiting your business

For every entrepreneur the experience of exiting their business is different. We have spoken to a variety of entrepreneurs from different industries and with widely varying experiences of exit, in order to try to understand how they navigated the process, decided what they wanted to do post-exit and moved on to the next challenge in their lives.

What next after exit?

Working up to the process of selling your business, and deciding what to do next, can be a challenge in itself. Utilizing research, interviews and surveys, our series of white papers explore aspects of exit and post-exit life. Recent white papers cover topics such as what drives entrepreneurs on to their next venture, the value in planning ahead for an exit and where the next wave of entrepreneurs may come from.

Share your priorities with us

Come and see us so we can find out more about what matters to you.

The price and value of investments and income derived from them can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

UBS does not give tax, legal or accounting advice and you should consult your independent adviser for specific advice before entering into or refraining from entering into any investment.

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