UBS Disruptive Technology CEO Summit

Hong Kong November 16, 2015

UBS hosted the Disruptive Technology CEO Summit in Hong Kong on Monday, November 16, 2015, bringing together CEOs, Chairmen and Founders from across the region to share their insights and experiences in leading companies proven to be major or potential "disruptors".

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#DisruptiveTechnology quotes taken during the event

"Disruptive Technologies will transform life, business, and the economy."

"If you are not on mobile now, you might not have any clients in the future."

"Disruption happens when you are trying to improve peoples' lives."

"Today's disruptions are the norms of tomorrow." 


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Event highlights 

Speaker interviews

The following videos were live interviews with CEOs conducted at the event. Questions asked included:

  1. What was your inspiration behind setting up your companies?
  2. What key trends do you foresee in Disruptive Technology for your industries?
  3. What are some key success factors or stories for you?
  4. What are some obstacles or challenges facing your business?

Interview with Josh Tetrick, CEO & Founder, Hampton Creek

Interview with Marco Gervasi, Managing Director, Red Synergy Shanghai

Interview with Michael Stewart, Founder & CEO, Lucid Holdings Inc.

Interview with Rhydian Lewis, Founder & CEO, Ratesetter 

Event Photos

Discussion on Innovative Disruptive Technology with Stefan Rust, CEO & Founder, Exicon, Max Chen, Managing Director & Founding Member, Primavera Capital Group, Sam Gellman, North Asia General Manager, Uber, Steven Lam, Co-Founder, GoGoVan & Michael Stewart, Founder & CEO, Lucid Holdings Inc.

Discussion on the Health & Wellness Sector with James Purcell, Director, CIO UHNW Investment Strategy, UBS Wealth Management, Abraham Chan, Chairman, PuraPharm, James Chen, Co-Founder & Owner, Adlens, Ansbert Gadicke, Co-Founder, MPM Capital, Rosaline Koo, Founder & CEO, CXA, & Hank Wuh, Founder and Chairman, TruTag Technologies, Inc.


  • Yoni Assia, CEO, eToro
  • Saurabh Beniwal, Joint Head, Corporate Client Solutions for Asia, UBS Investment Bank
  • Abraham Chan, Chairman, PuraPharm
  • James Chen, Co-Founder & Owner, Adlens
  • Joe Chen, Chief Strategy Officer, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Webank
  • Max Chen, Managing Director & Founding Member, Primavera Capital Group
  • Ansbert Gadicke, Co-Founder, MPM Capital
  • Sam Gellman, General Manager, Uber Hong Kong
  • Marco Gervasi, Managing Director, Red Synergy Shanghai
  • Vikas Jain, Co-Founder, Micromax
  • Greg Kennedy, Head of Private Solutions, Corporate Client Solutions, UBS Investment Bank
  • Rosaline Koo, Founder & CEO, CXA
  • Savio Kwan, Founding partner and CEO, A&K Consulting Co Ltd
  • Steven Lam, Co-founder, GoGoVan
  • Yoon C. Lee, Global Head, Product Concept & Portfolio Dvlp, Samsung Electronics


  • Rhydian Lewis, Founder & CEO, Ratesetter
  • Jerry Liao, CEO and Founder,
  • Amy Lo, Head of UBS Wealth Management Greater China and Head and Chief Executive Hong Kong
  • Mike Love, President, Mozido
  • Sylvain Preumont, Founder & CEO, and Chairman & Founder,
  • James Purcell, Director, CIO UHNW Investment Strategy, UBS Wealth Management
  • Stefan Rust, CEO & Founder, Exicon
  • Thomas Stafford, Partner, DST Investment Management
  • Peter Stephens, Head of Regulatory Architecture & APAC CTO, UBS AG
  • Michael Stewart, Founder & CEO, Lucid Holdings Inc.
  • Eric Tang, Head Distribution Management Hong Kong, Investment Products and Services, UBS Wealth Management
  • Josh Tetrick, CEO & Founder, Hampton Creek
  • Hank Wuh, Founder and Chairman, TruTag Technologies, Inc.
  • Egidio Zarrella, Clients and Innovation Partner, Advisory Services, KPMG