UBS Asset Wizard

Login process now faster and easier with the UBS Access App

17 juin 2019

The UBS Asset Wizard lets you monitor, assess and control your portfolio – simply, quickly and efficiently. Now we have improved the Asset Wizard in one key area. You can now log in with the UBS Access App using only your smartphone.

The UBS Asset Wizard supports you throughout the entire investment cycle, whether you have invested in traditional asset classes, non-bankable assets, or across different locations. It’s never been simpler or faster to get the information you need.

Here's how easy it is to log in with the Access app

Whether you are using a computer or a tablet, logging into the UBS Asset Wizard with the Access App could not be easier.

High UBS security standards

  • A PIN of your choice protects the Access app – even if you lose your smartphone.
  • The Access app always checks the security of your smartphone before you log in to Digital Banking.
  • The security code for the login is calculated automatically and transferred directly to UBS. The data transmission is protected by multi-level security.
  • The Access Card is always up-to-date and offers optimum protection.


1. Download the Access app

Download the Access app on your smartphone:

2. Activate the app

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Access app and enable push notifications

3. Use the app

Login: Now select "Access app" as the login method in your Asset Wizard and log on to your smartphone from now on: Launch the Access App, aim the camera of the smartphone at the QR code and then enter the PIN of the Access App.

UBS Asset Wizard

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