Fund look through

making indirect investments more transparent

19 déc. 2016

Market shaping events, financial volatility, regulatory development and use of pooled investment vehicles require investors to adopt a look-through approach to manage their invested assets.

In our endeavor to increase availability of more detailed information, we are pleased to announce Fund look-through which allows you to unveil over 1000 pooled vehicles whilst extending insight for bond funds.

Fund look-through allows you to drill down into your portfolio exposure across the numerous categories listed below:

  • Equity funds to a level of individual securities
  • Bond funds
    • by currency
    • rating
    • country
    • type of bond
    • maturity
  • Money market funds by currency
  • Derivatives are factored into the underlying instruments

The Fund look-through solution enables a refined and more comprehensive asset monitoring and risk management. The solution does not only complement our periodic performance & risk booklet but also our online UBS Asset Wizard tool enabling dynamic analytics, monitoring and reporting.

This is a further step in our journey of crafting unique and personalized experiences built on innovative services and products always tailored to new needs as they emerge.

If you have questions, please contact your client advisor, send an e-mail to us at or consult for further information.