Investment opportunities

What to invest in now

Discover how you can affect real change in society through sustainable investing or find out why disruption is everywhere – but so are the investment opportunities.

Investing in the Future

"Future of" series paints the picture of evolving megatrends in our economy, society and environment, and highlights how investors can be well-positioned for long-term returns.

Sustainable investing

Your values define you. But do your investments reflect who you are? Sustainable investing takes ecological, social and business ethics into account. Learn more about why sustainable investing matters, what it is, its benefit to firms and what you need to know to make a difference.

Longer Term investments

Our Longer Term Investments (LTI) series contains thematic investment ideas based on long-term structural development including technology trends, urbanization, resource scarcity and societal changes. Find out more about how these investment opportunities are influenced and how investors can benefit.

Digital disruptions

Disruption is everywhere. Digital data. Automation and robotics. Smart mobility. In the investing landscape, the changing face of industries and companies should not be overlooked. Technology, resource constraints and social pressures are all potentially disruptive forces for investors. What’s next, and which trends should investors watch closely?

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