What if the current economic upturn rolls over?

Find out how to position your portfolio for today’s market and economic cycles in the new UBS House View: Planning is everything

Although CIO Wealth Management Americas considers a downturn unlikely over the next six months, it is something on their radar to consider should such an event arise. In a new UBS House View monthly letter, they discuss the negative scenarios emerging to understand if the risks are increasing-and what investors can do today to prepare. Three risks they believe merit particular attention from investors are:
• Higher-than-expected U.S. inflation
• Rising leverage in China
• Geopolitical turmoil in the Middle East and North Korea

In this monthly letter, CIO discusses a number of strategies that could help investors prepare for these risk scenarios. They note that the answer is not to sell out of risk assets completely or to overpay for insurance at this time - but to develop strategies that might help protect wealth if these downside scenarios come true, yet will incur only minimal cost if they do not.

For more on CIO’s investment outlook and portfolio recommendations, read Planning is everything (PDF, 1 MB).

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