Get to know the economists

Learn more about the achievements and contributions of leaders in economics and stay tuned for new profiles being released.

Eliana La Ferrara

Eliana La Ferrara’s areas of expertise range from social mobility and counteracting stereotypes to state functioning within fragile environments. A focus point in her work is finding ways to help people deal with constraints that may be detrimental for their wellbeing.

Rachel Griffith

What helps people to make better choices in life? Rachel Griffith explores which public policies are most effective to improve dietary choices. An expert on fiscal policy, she also looks at a total rethink of corporate taxation.

Lucrezia Reichlin

Lucrezia Reichlin uses the knowledge available today to better predict tomorrow. A pioneer of what is now known as big data, the expert on business cycles and monetary policy looks at forecasting the status of the economy.

Esther Duflo

One of the most influential development economists today, Esther Duflo has worked on immunization, gender equality, and health. She supports governments and organizations across the globe to make policy work better for poor people.

Marianne Bertrand

Marianne Bertrand’s goal is to address inequality head on. The expert on labor markets, corporate finance and development economics has focused her work on harassment and discrimination, documenting biases in the hiring process.