"It's not how often but how well we collaborate"

According to René Zwicky from Wealth Management Switzerland in Zurich, having a collaborative culture is vital for the team's success – and decisive for customer satisfaction.

How does teamwork contribute to the satisfaction of our clients? 

In our business, everything we do should be in our clients' best interests. We work in an environment of trust. And winning someone's trust is hard work. The first step for everyone in the team is to be willing to go the extra mile to provide thoughtful solutions and measurable added value for our clients, as well as for the success of our colleagues – the two go hand in hand.

What's your personal recipe for collaboration? 

It's not just about how often we all collaborate, but how well we do it. I invest a lot of effort in fostering a team culture that is open to honest, empathetic and respectful feedback. I also feel that it all comes down to showing appreciation for the little things, and going above and beyond expectations to surprise your partners. And in order to do so, you need to know them. You need to fully understand how you can help them to achieve their goals or dreams.

How do you define success? 

Making clients happy by satisfying their needs through connecting the right people. We sometimes proactively invite colleagues from other teams as well as their clients and prospects to our client events, to help connect them in the areas of their interests. In 2018 for example, we had events such as barbeque or boccia get-togethers, where we were able to get to know each other more personally. This helped us as well as our clients to develop trustworthy relationships.

René Zwicky works in Wealth Management Switzerland in Zurich. He joined UBS in 1995 as an apprentice and now leads a team of over 60 employees.