Smart data, smart solutions

We're taking what we understand about clients to make trading a whole lot easier for them. Here's how.

In today's digital world, it's easy to feel lost at sea in the growing ocean of data. That's why our Investment Bank is seeking innovative ways to commercialize UBS's data sets in a sustainable, centralized and controlled way.

With an increasing focus on data, corporate clients are casting their nets ever wider for information they can use to identify potential investment opportunities. Yet, the more data you have, the more challenging it is to navigate and assess what's most valuable to you.

Fortunately for our clients, two new initiatives in our Global Equities business can help them identify and analyze the data they need to make the right investment decisions.

When our clients win so do we 

"Having recognized us as leaders in trading and innovation, clients are interested in the data that we have. We identified their growing need to access more of our differentiated data systematically," Global Deputy Head of Equities, Jason Barron, explains upon looking back at 2018.

UBS Data Solutions seeks to systematically aggregate information such as our trade ideas, positioning color and price indicators. Previously, this feedback was typically gathered by speaking with the sales coverage team.

"Experts from across the group surveyed and listened to our clients, then designed, developed and piloted the new platforms with customers based in Europe, America and APAC," says Tamera White, Global Head, UBS Data Solutions & Quant Solutions. "Clients told us that we more resemble a data business than a bank, noting our use of cloud delivery and a cross-product approach from the start."

"Another of our ambitions in Global Equities was to process and structure relevant data analytics in order to distribute bespoke offerings on selected products to clients in an automated way," Larry Booker, Head of Data Strategy and Analytics for Global Equities, explains.

"Ultimately, we're using a range of new technologies and data science techniques, combined with human expertise, to make life easier for our clients by identifying their preferences and connecting them with the products that are relevant to them," he says and adds, "The platform allows us to customize client communications, so they receive tailored information about the products that best meet their needs."

Remain on the safe side of the fence 

Although data regulation is still in its infancy outside the area of personal data, we know rigorous controls are fundamental to ensuring clients continue to trust that we're using data in a way that is beneficial to them. Our data governance sets out a clear and robust control framework building on pillars including employee education, specific use case approval process, product-specific aggregation and obfuscation rules, client access rights and end-to-end encryption.

UBS Evidence Lab Innovations

UBS Evidence Lab Innovations provides clients with access to insight-ready data sets for a large set of companies and sectors. Experts work across 45 specialized areas to harvest, cleanse and connect billions of data items each month to surface evidence that relates to investment decisions.

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