Economics & Policy Italy, Brexit and European Parliament Elections

Former European Commissioner, Joaquin Almunia, on how he believes the EC should handle talks with the Italian government on the 2019 budget.

by Matthew Cowley 14 Nov 2018

The European Commission needs to take a hard line with the Italian government in the discussions over next year's budget, says Joaquin Almunia, a former European Commissioner responsible for economic and monetary affairs, and vice-president and the Commissioner for Competition. He believes the EC should open an Excessive Deficit Procedure and hopes the Italian authorities will react positively. In a wide-ranging interview, Almunia also discussed Brexit, Germany, the European Parliament elections and the likelihood of surprises in the make-up of the next European Commission leadership.

Joaquin Almunia spoke to Matthew Cowley of the UBS Knowledge Network on Nov. 14 in London.

Original air date: 14 Nov 2018

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