Economics & Policy China's global relations

Dr Jie Yu of London School of Economics looks at Communist Party National Congress, new Chinese leadership and China's foreign relations.

by Matt Cowley 10 Jan 2018 Knowledge network

China's growing economic and political might is being felt around the world, with some surprising consequences. At the beginning of 2017, President Xi Jinping made an audacious bid to position himself as the promoter of global trade, occupying a vacuum left by the US and Europe. In October, the Communist Party's National Congress put in place China's new leadership, to whom foreign relations will be crucial. It is a fragile moment for the country's relations with the US and Europe, according to Dr. Jie Yu, Head of China Foresight and Dahrendorf Senior Research Associate at the London School of Economics and Political Science. The unique style of Donald Trump poses opportunities and challenges while Brexit has thrust relations across Europe into a cool new era.

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