CMCI Sector Indices

As well as being positioned as a leading benchmark for commodity markets, the CMCI has a family of individual sector and component indices across multiple maturities which provide unprecedented flexibility for strategic investment.

The CMCI family of sub-indices provide the toolbox for professional investors who want to implement a tailored strategy based on the commodity and curve allocation. The CMCI family of sub-indices allows you to predefine not only which commodities to be exposed to, but also maturities for each commodity or each group of commodities, precisely as you wish.

The CMCI family includes 27 commodity futures, which can be grouped into 5 sectors, with a series of available investment maturities. Any combination is possible by blending single indices, enabling you to develop your own tailored strategy. Or, alternatively, you can rely on the CMCI Composite Index without having to focus on maturity choices.

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