Full trade cycle settlement processing solution

At Global KeyLink Services, our goal is to provide solutions for our clients to improve processes front to back. We act as consultant for specific needs and implement KeyLink to improve straight-through processing rates by integrating and automating client processes into those of UBS.

KeyLink is an international e-banking service allowing clients to initiate transactions and receive reporting, in a secure manner, with UBS and in a multi-banking capacity globally and for a variety of product offerings. Corporate, institutional and wealth management clients around the world use KeyLink.

Clients use KeyLink for business purposes as simple as eliminating paper trade confirmations and manual data entry to complex automated payment imports and trade executions. While it can be used as a simple instruction or reporting tool, the real value of KeyLink is as a full trade cycle settlement processing solution.


KeyLink is a modular electronic banking tool, customizable by client and individual user. Basic functionality covers transaction initiation and reporting in cash, treasury products, securities and precious metals trading. KeyLink is much more than a simple payment and reporting tool, however. It's Connectivity Service functionality makes it suitable for clients from lower volume users with basic reporting and transaction requirements to high-volume clients with complex configurations who require a customized set-up and sophisticated or specialized reporting, including import/export requirements. Additional features include sorted tables, predefined templates, audit trails and historical information. Click on the module selections below to see the full range of KeyLink solutions.

KeyLink is:

  • One system covering all products
  • Consolidated information for informed decision making (multi-currency, branch, bank)
  • Facilities for linking to internal systems
  • Industry standard interfaces (SAP)
  • Real-time exposure and risk information
  • Streamlined processing
  • Supports true international payments and treasury processing
  • Business process-oriented (Reporting/Trading/Settlement completes the cycle)




The Cash module allows clients to perform all operations associated with cash business, including a variety of multi-currency instructions and notices to receive.

In addition, KeyLink Cash offers a variety of reporting capabilities, such as End-of-Day, Intraday, Interim Cash Balance and Transactions, and Debit/Credit Advices, providing the most thorough and updated information possible.

Benefits include:

  • Straight-through processing of domestic/foreign transactions
  • Predefined payment templates, which prevent the need for data re-entry
  • Joint signing capability with the Forward To function
  • Account transfers within the same bank
  • Cancellation feature for pending transactions
  • Historical database of all pending/completed transactions
  • Built-in regularly updated databases (e.g. SWIFT, Fedwire, SIC)
  • Detailed end-of-day Statements
  • Up-to-the-minute cash position information (Intraday, Advices)
  • Reconciliation capability
  • Automated (i.e. SwisInq), manual and related inquiries

Treasury Products

Treasury Products


FX Trade
KeyLink FX Trading allows simple, one-click trading of spot, forward and swap FX transactions. Trade simply by entering type of product, currency, amount, and value date. The module will display a binding quote, from which clients can accept or reject the deal. The quotes are consistent, binding, real-time, and available 24 hours a day, five days a week. All details can be viewed within the same screen.

The KeyLink Confirmations module covers the full trade cycle. Clients can receive confirmations of all trades, options, loans and deposits regardless of how they are traded. Once transactions have been verified, affirmations can quickly be returned electronically to UBS. By the same token, if there is a confirmation error, the necessary correction can be sent back to UBS so that the trade confirmation can be amended.

The Confirmations module allows you to track all trade details. Among its functions is access to:

  • detailed review of trades
  • one-step trade confirmation
  • easy-to-follow amendment or rejection facilities
  • historical trade details
  • one or two-level verification



The KeyLink Securities module offers a variety reporting capabilities. These include the exact status of any transaction with the market, the exact position and value of each and every portfolio (combined or separate), and the details of all corporate actions that have or will in the future affect the overall position of the portfolio. In addition, KeyLink allows the sending of settlement instructions such as receive/deliver instructions, and sending corporate action narrative instructions.

The full range of functionality includes:

  • Receive/deliver instructions (free or against payment)
  • Tracking of settlements
  • Corporate action information - pre-advice/advice
  • Corporate action narrative instructions
  • Position statements
  • Portfolio valuations
  • Import/export of data to facilitate reconciliation
  • User-maintainable tables for counterparty information and securities IDs

Precious Metals

Precious Metals

The KeyLink Precious Metals module facilitates automation and straight-through processing. Clients have complete control of the post-trade process, from confirmation to transfer delivery instructions. KeyLink Precious Metals allows clients to initiate instructions and acquire statements electronically. This functionality saves paper, quickens access to consolidated information and allows faster reconciliation. In short, it makes processes more efficient.

KeyLink Precious Metals currently supports the following precious metals processes:

  • Precious metal trade confirmations
  • Precious metal option confirmations
  • Debit advices/credit advices
  • PM cash transfer/delivery orders
  • Notices to receive
  • metal account statements