KeyLink is a secure e-banking service, interfacing to a global multi-banking environment, allowing you to initiate and confirm transactions and receive reporting related to a wide range of product offerings with UBS or other SWIFT members.

Risks of Internet Banking

Due to the open nature of the Internet, all web-based systems such as KeyLink are inherently subjected to risks such as:

  • Malicious virus attacks
  • Hacking illegally into your online account to obtain unauthorised access to your data and performing fraudulent transactions

At UBS, your data security and privacy is of paramount importance to us. We have put in place a suite of security measures and practices to safeguard against these risks. However, to further protect yourself, we encourage you to follow our security recommendations in safeguarding your Internet Banking access and hence financial and personal information.

Statement regarding OpenSSL encryption software

You may have read in the media about a flaw in the encryption software OpenSSL. We would like to advise that the version referred to is not the same as used by UBS KeyLink and consequently we are unaffected by this. If you have any further concerns with regard to UBS KeyLink please do not hesitate to contact your KeyLink Relationship Manager in the first instance.

Further security recommendations

You may have heard or read about ongoing criminal attempts to procure e-banking access codes from clients of different banks.

Please beware of fraudulent emails and counterfeit bank web sites requesting security information such as your e-banking Login ID, Password and confidential account details. Such emails and web sites are usually well disguised and may appear to originate from your bankers and banks. They imitate bank email addresses and copy genuine bank logos to mislead e-banking clients into thinking their requests to be authentic and sent by your banks.

Helpdesks of UBS KeyLink will not, for example, ask you to reveal your e-banking Password or request information about your UBS bank account. UBS staff will not ask you to update or validate your e-banking Password or confidential personal data over the telephone or via email. We strongly encourage you to keep safe, private and confidential your e-banking Login ID, Password and any security items issued by us. Failure to do so could expose you to risks of fraud and may lead to financial loss and loss of account confidentiality.