Regular pulse checks with students is a great way to understand what their expectations will be when they start thinking about their career. Universum asked, and they weren’t afraid to speak up about what they want to see from their workplaces in the near future. Between October 2019 and March 2020, 11,592 students from 76 universities in Switzerland were polled. What are they looking for?

  • Innovation and digitalization.
  • Work-life balance and a respectful environment.
  • And, responsibility and opportunities to learn more and grow.

At UBS, we continue to evolve: flexibility, agile working, internal mobility and digital transformation are key ingredients in how we operate. A collaborative culture is at the core of our business. We are always looking and evaluating how to best respond to talent needs, inside and outside the firm: from virtual onboarding of new colleagues to new curriculums that help our people adjust to new ways of working.

Now that the results are out, how did we do?

  • We are again #2 overall for business students and have extended our lead over industry peers
  • We are ranked as the #1 bank for business, IT and law students
  • We are the #1 employer among finance students with a clear lead on the second rank
  • We continue to be the industry leader for females

What does all of this tell us? It tells that we are listening what talent is looking for in an employer and we are taking the needed steps to be at the forefront of their career adventure.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we stay connected and engaged with students, and we have different ways to do it, including:

  • Social media activities giving insight into our programs – engaging students where they are present
  • Virtual events, virtual coffee sessions and online workshops
  • Our strong collaboration with universities across Switzerland

We love the new ideas that junior talents bring to the table. Our conversations with students are ongoing, even in the current situation. Investing in our junior talent program is a priority. As an example, we’re offering a virtual summer internship program this year – new ways of working brings new ideas and creativity.

If you want to know more and see what we are up to, please connect with us on Instagram and see what is happening behind the scenes.

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