I completed my bachelor’s degree in commerce, majoring in business statistics. Parallel to my degree, I completed my chartered accountant certification. 

While I was still a student, I learned to play keyboards and naturally got involved with the music group at my college. I did everything from composing music for plays to forming my own band and performing in local restaurants and clubs. Although I love music, I dreamed of working for a financial institute with a large investment banking portfolio. I had heard that UBS was part of the campus placement program for graduating chartered accountants, and that’s why I decided to dig deeper.

I reached out to a couple of employees at UBS to get an idea of the culture and opportunities there. Their responses to my questions were very positive, and I was excited to hear about cross-cultural opportunities, challenges and collaboration between teams and businesses. As soon as I applied, I heard that, if selected, I would be part of a team that collaborates closely with the team in Nashville, Tennessee.

I was excited to start! My transition from being a student to a finance professional was very smooth thanks to my supportive mangers and teammates. I was allowed the space to make mistakes, learn from them and grow my skillset every day. UBS really encourages learning in different ways. Just last year I had the chance to travel to Nashville for a month-long project. This was a great experience and opened up a plethora of learning and networking possibilities for me.

The finance teams in India are growing. There are lots of new regulations being introduced and our portfolio is expanding. Many teams are on the lookout for talented and motivated candidates – both internally and externally. I’m excited to soon welcome new talent to the team.

Music continues to be a big part of my life, but I’m glad I made the decision to join the team at UBS, it’s been great!

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