We’re ready for their next steps

Entering the job world when coming out of active service can be daunting. So, we created a program, the Enlisted Veterans Apprenticeship Program (EVAP), to help the women and men who have served the US do just that: find their way.

Through the program we provide tuition assistance, specific training for workforce transition, business education, and mentorship from the UBS Veterans Network. 

To commemorate Veteran's Day in the US, we'd like to tell you more about two of these great service members. Meet Kareem and Melanie, two EVAP success stories – and now, part of Team UBS.

Kareem, young and adventurous out of high school, decided to join the military because college didn’t feel like the right place for him at the time. A long-time military police officer with 20 years of service behind him, his experience has taken him abroad to Europe where he worked in logistics and operations. When he retired from the military, he wasn't looking for a finance role. But, a veteran mentor sent him a link for a specific role at UBS that was open – and it sparked his interest.

"I'm really happy in my position and enjoy my role. I'm a client service associate in the Wealth Advice Center. I’m not dealing with clients yet, but I will be soon. Onboarding was seamless, I felt welcomed and my “team buddy” (also a veteran) was very helpful. I learned a substantial amount about the business in a short period of time," Kareem says. “There is a community of veterans within UBS – we have a real connection as we all have a commonality.”

His advice? ”Having a mentor opens doors when it comes to verifications, academics – even to give guidance for selecting a university – but also to give you a shoulder to lean on when you need advice on your career and your future.”

Melanie's story is a bit different: she felt a calling to serve. She wanted to make a difference, give back and take a stance – especially as a woman of color. With everything happening in the world at the time, she joined the Marine Corps in her late 20s. She was stationed in Japan, where she worked doing logistics and accounting for the aircraft division.

“UBS is a name I’ve always known, but it was Kareem who told me about the program. We’re classmates at NYU and he said it was a great opportunity to get my foot in the door while still working on my undergraduate degree.”

Recognizing the effort of hiring during a pandemic, she says, “The recruitment process was great, it wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I anticipated it to be. The recruiters were really supportive, and told me all about how UBS is adapting to the current climate. I then interviewed with three colleagues, and it felt more like a conversation. They told me about their time at UBS, what they did and the areas where they worked. We talked about growth within the firm and flexibility within the program to study – it felt like genuine support.“

She’s currently a client service associate for Wealth Management, supporting our financial advisors. She works part-time and is attending school full-time – a huge challenge in itself.

There are a lot of veterans at UBS. Our very own Tom Naratil, President, UBS Americas and Co-President, UBS Global Wealth Management, is a veteran. He says, “This important initiative gives us the unique opportunity to align our commitment to supporting veterans with our focus on hiring skilled candidates who can deliver the firm to our clients. We look forward to doing our part to help bolster our nation's economic prosperity and honor our service members by providing them with the skills, training and guidance they need to serve our clients and achieve their professional and personal goals."

So, this November we celebrate and salute all of our service members, past and present. We hope that your post-service career starts with UBS – and we can’t wait to meet you.