I joined UBS two years ago as part of the audit team in Mumbai. After working in the accounts space for 15 years, I was looking for a role that was challenging and would let me improve my skills – that’s exactly what UBS offered me.

It was my first job as an auditor, which meant I learnt a lot of new things and was able to use my knowledge from a different perspective. The team and business leaders were extremely supportive as I adjusted in the new role, and my colleagues in Mumbai became a second family to me.

A year into the role, I got the opportunity to travel to Australia on an audit project of three weeks. During my interactions with the team, while understanding the processes, I identified a few areas which could be improved upon. The audit team’s motto of "no surprises" allowed all team members to be involved and updated at every stage of the audit, and the suggestions for changes were received very positively. Regular feedback, ongoing communication and complete transparency played a crucial role in in the project and are important parts of our culture, not only in the UBS audit team, but also within the entire organization.

Once the project was coming to a close, I was offered the chance to take up a permanent role in Sydney, as a subject matter expert. The role was much broader than my role in Mumbai and I was super excited, but I also had to consider my family and their comfort. The teams, in Sydney and Mumbai, went out of their way to help make the transition as smooth as possible – be it the work handover in Mumbai, getting the formalities in place, or the move itself. I was supported every step of the way. It’s been a few months since I moved to Sydney with my family, and life could not be better.

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