Tomek: Continuous learning is the key to successe

Tomek is a senior developer and team leader who believes that continuous learning is the key to success.

Tomek, could you give us a bit of a background on yourself?

Sure, I started working for UBS four years ago and my role has been evolving since then. First, I was a senior developer and later a leader of the team responsible for UI Web components. Then I moved to lead the brand new team to build an application that provides real-time data straight from the trading floors around the world.

After the project succeeded, my scope grew again, I am currently combining the roles of developer, consultant, and delivery manager. Recently I moved to another exciting project, which is based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), also known as block chain. My job is to leverage the experience-based approach and help to deliver tokenized assets and cash. It is part of our digital transformation strategy that will hopefully take the banking industry to the next level!

It seems each role and project gives you the possibility to learn new things. Is it by chance or do you think if we want we can shape our development and hence careers ourselves?

Ever since I can remember, I've always been trying to join various challenging projects, so that the opportunity to learn and try new things was at my fingertips. Different perspectives and keeping the big picture in mind, help to think out of the box, be open-minded, and find new solutions. In my view, without challenges, broader knowledge and skills, a developer will never go above and beyond. Precisely for these reasons, I completed the Certified Engineers program at UBS.

It sounds very interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about the Certified Engineers program?

This program was created to demonstrate and recognize highly-skilled engineers who are focused on delivery and are actively engaged in the tech culture at UBS. To complete the program, engineers have to gain experience and skills in different areas to get assigned badges for recognition. Some badges can be granted based on existing experience, actions, and projects delivered. For some others so-called learning journeys are needed to ensure the right level of knowledge.

And now you are one of the first UBS experts who completed the Certified Engineers program, right?

Yes, indeed, so I am likely the right person to recommend the Certified Engineers program. Programs like that not only help your personal but also your professional development; I was surprised by the amount of positive feedback I got from my colleagues and managers. The program also helps building an internal network, which I really appreciate.

So, it seems developers need development, too. Would you agree with that?

Certificates and achievements are good and useful, but what is more important is the knowledge and skills underneath In my opinion, if you don't move forward, you move backward. Therefore, I encourage everyone to always learn more, and to build a network of professionals around you.

I would also advise being active when it comes to challenging tasks – especially in the banking industry! The finance world is complex and sophisticated, hence attractive. It's also open for new technologies and there is always some space to try new and exciting things. The banking industry is the place to be if you want to make an impact and be part of the change in the world of finance.

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