Have you heard of our program for people who've taken a career break? Dominika from our HR Team in Krakow is recruiting returner candidates for the program. Also, she recently came back from an extended career break herself. Who better to get some tips and tricks from?

Hi Dominika, tell us more about what you do.

As a recruiter, I approach candidates with specific technical skills, then I identify what their career needs are and match those to our open roles. It's like being an internal head hunter. I love to build lasting relationships with my candidates, and to support them with their career choices.

You joined UBS after a career break. What's it like to be back at work?
Amazing! After being at home with my three kids for around two years I'm extremely motivated and eager to focus on my job. I also take part in additional engagement projects. What really helps me to combine my personal and professional life is to plan out every aspect of my life: I'm becoming a master at time management and a real multitasker!

Having recently experienced a career comeback myself and knowing what it's like to balance it all, I also see myself as a guide to candidates who are looking for their own place in the market.

Sounds great! So what would you recommend to our candidates who are planning their career comeback?
The first step is always the most difficult one… but believe in yourself and take that step! I think initiatives like the UBS Career Comeback Program (UBS CCP) support you as you ramp up and successfully return to the corporate world. UBS puts a lot of effort and attention on diversity because we believe that only with different points of views, we are truly successful. 

The program gives people the opportunity to learn more about the company and find their career path. UBS is a truly global firm that focuses on diversity and inclusion. The Career Comeback Program is really an amazing initiative that will help many people make the right choice for themselves.

I hope to meet some of you during the recruitment process!

Back to work?
Great! Visit our Career Comeback Talent Community website and register your interest.

Are you interested in joining our team?
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