We met up with Robin, who rose from intern to executive director level within the firm, to talk about challenges and collaboration at a global company.

Following the completion of his internship, Robin joined us in 2006. Today, he leads a team of analysts in China, specializing in infrastructure.

Under his leadership, his team emerged as one of the top three Chinese analyst teams for industry, infrastructure, transportation and machinery at the Caixin Institutional Investor awards in 2018. At the same awards, he personally came in the seventh place in the top ten capital market analysts for the year, too.

As part of his role, Robin has regular catch-ups with colleagues around the world on current affairs. This is to ensure that they, as a team , are ahead of latest trends. Plus, it helps them stay engaged and inspired, too.

His team closely follows changes in global financial markets. Using this information, they can advise on how products and strategies can be tailored to the best interests of clients.

In challenging situations, Robin and his team will collaborate with clients, as well as market and industry experts, to step up their research methodology and align with the market trends.

There will be more solutions than challenges.

When facing hurdles , Robin is definitely an optimist: “There will be more solutions than challenges.”

“Most challenges arise from the research methodology, where problems cannot be resolved without a collaborative effort. This is the advantage of working for a multinational firm like this. We can collaborate across the world. We think globally and act locally."

With the financial market changing rapidly, analysts like Robin are well equipped to deal with complex situations and can react quickly. As a leader, he also has to consider his young team's career growth and development. Being exposed to an ever-changing environment, his team are able to reinforce their skillsets on-the-job. But to make sure his team get enough opportunities to grow and learn, he ensures that they’re also able to get regular training. This can come in the form of online training, workshops, job shadowing and more .

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