Our quick growth in India led to fertile ground for job sharing opportunities.

Enter Kashmira, part of the Chief Administration Office (CAO) team in Pune, who has over 25 years’ experience in a variety of roles. She entered the communications world to help drive internal communications alongside Manjiree, who leads communications and employer branding for UBS in India. They gave us their experience of job sharing.

Hi Kashmira. Can you tell us about your career so far?
I’ve worked as an executive assistant to senior management for a large part of my career. I also have experience in finance, accounts and sales order management. My current role includes project management responsibilities for the CAO in Pune. On top of this, I’m the internal communications lead for our business solutions centers (BSCs) in India, focused on employee engagement initiatives.

How would you describe your experience working at UBS?
I’ve been fortunate to witness the growth of the UBS BSCs in India. During my earlier time here, I worked as an executive assistant to the general manager and site head. I also assisted the site central leadership team.

Other key highlights have included exciting projects during the office startup phase, as well as getting a chance to connect with the global UBS leaders who visited us in Pune. I really feel recognizes good service and talent.

What encouraged you to accept a role in communications in addition to your current role?
I wanted to learn more and really take charge of my own career. I have always had an interest in communications and hence this was a good fit for me, as well as the organization.

How has the job sharing experience been for you both?
Kashmira: It’s been very enriching for me to learn the art of effective verbal and written communication. Communication is not like automation. You cannot use formulas like in spreadsheets. Each assignment is unique and needs to be approached with a fresh perspective. It’s never monotonous and ensures that I’m continuously learning!

Manjiree: This has been a novel but wonderful experience on two levels. Firstly, when working with someone from a different background, every assumption you have about the way things are done is challenged. It truly made me consider the processes and practices we follow. This meant an automatic, deeper understanding of the subject for me.

Secondly, it’s great to see the satisfaction of seeing someone else experience the joy of working in the creative space. It’s reassuring to hear that Kashmira is enjoying being part of the team and certainly adds to the kind of work we deliver.

What is the most challenging part of this job sharing arrangement?
During any new assignment, there can be challenges associated with learning the ropes and delivering the end result. It’s all worth it when job satisfaction is high and you love your work!

Manjiree: Once training is completed it can be easy to slip into ‘business-as-usual mode’. However, we make time every week to share, brainstorm and improve with each delivery.

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