Kathrin gives us the details.

Hi Kathrin. Can you tell us about what you’re doing at the moment?

I’m currently on the Graduate Talent Program (GTP) as a big data developer in the Advanced Analytics Department. More simply put - you can find me in the Technology area of the bank!

After finishing my master’s studies at ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), I left Switzerland to work for a development agency in Ethiopia. I soon realized that I wanted to return to Zurich, applied for the GTP Program with UBS and here I am!

What do you think of our culture?

In three words it’s open, collaborative and kind.

What's a typical day like for you?

It varies. However, since we develop software, there are days where I can completely focus on the technical work without too much distraction. Then on other days, I’m involved in meetings to update my team on my developments and align the work with my colleagues. This provides social interaction with colleagues in different positions, divisions and with new perspectives. I really enjoy both sides.

What’s the best part of working here?

I feel quite privileged being a GTP here. Mostly because the program is valued and supported within the bank. So the best part is definitely having the opportunity to meet so many different people and learn about their roles and divisions. This is facilitated and encouraged by the program.

How is the collaboration with your colleagues in the team?

Since I’m working in a small team, the collaboration amongst us has developed naturally and every team member is very supportive. All of my colleagues were very helpful in supporting me to navigate the UBS processes and different tools – especially when I first joined.

What is your most interesting memory from the GTP so far?

I was recently in a training session with other GTPs who are all based in Switzerland. For one of the activities, we had to group ourselves according to our native languages. Although we were all based in Switzerland (and only around thirty people), ten different groups of people formed! It really showed how diverse and international the company is.

What’s the best piece of career advice you have ever received?

If you don't try, you've already failed. It seems stereotypical and maybe even cheesy, but actually I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t followed this advice.

Given that my career has just started, I want to share this because I think many people refrain from applying for jobs (especially in IT) because their skill set doesn’t fit 100%. I have learned so far that no one expects you to “know it all” right from the beginning. But if you don’t try, you won't move forward in the future.

How do you relax after work?

When I get home I fight the natural desire to lay down on the sofa! Instead, I put on my running shoes to enjoy beautiful Zurich and its surroundings for a little while.

Are you interested in joining our team?

Visit our job board and you may find something perfect for you.

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