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Hi Elisa! Tell us a bit about your career and your current role.

I started at UBS about 3 years ago, right after graduating from high school. I did the 18-month Bank Entry Program for High School Graduates (BEM), which meant I was able to work in (and learn about) various parts of the bank. In my current role, I process mortgages for private clients.

What's the best part of your job?

I really enjoy working with German speakers. It allows me to improve my language skills as my mother tongue is French. Also, the tasks are different every day and this keeps the job very interesting.

What's your favorite memory since joining us?

I've always worked in really dynamic teams, so my best memories are all to do with the people.

How was the big move to our new service center in Biel?

The move only took two days. Once I arrived at the service center, all of the IT was in place and operational, so we were able to get started straight away.

What's the office like?

At the service center in Biel, there are special rooms available if we need time to concentrate. It's also spacious and has areas to spend time with colleagues and have a cup of coffee – the atmosphere is really warm and inviting. So it’s a great mix.

What does the future hold for our service center in Biel?

Since more and more teams from many different areas will be here, I hope we'll be able to collaborate very closely with each other. We all benefit from this.

Which advice do you give to candidates who are about to apply for a job in Biel?

The ambiance at the service center is great, and it's close to the train station, so you save travel time if commuting. The people working here are very welcoming and have a positive attitude. Plus everything has been set up in French and German to match the bilingual setting.

Hi Peter! Can you tell us about your career and your current role here?

I joined the Customer Service department of UBS in late 1998, during the merger of the Bankverein and the Schweizerische Bankgesellschaft. Three years later, I changed teams to Customer Relations. Since 2010, I've been working in Credit Services as a credit specialist.

What's the best part of your job?

The job is extremely diverse and versatile. And so is the team I'm working with.

What's your favorite memory since joining UBS?

The greatest memory is that I met my partner at an internal training session!

What were your thoughts and expectations before moving to our new service center in Biel?

Basically, the first two questions I thought about were: “Am I ready to commute so far for a job or not?“ and "Do I want to work in Biel?". In the end I decided to go for it and haven't looked back since. The commute is certainly not getting any shorter but it's manageable and the city is very nice. It's been a great experience since the beginning.

What's the service center like?

It's always nice to work in a new, or rather, renovated building like the service center in Biel. Being close to the train station and to the lake is also great.

What does the future hold for the service center in Biel?

Many more colleagues! At the moment, there are already about 50 of us on a floor. I can’t wait to see which departments or teams will be moving here next. And I'm looking forward to working with them.

Are you interested in joining our team in Biel/Bienne?

Visit our job board and you may find something perfect for you.

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