How was Preeti's career comeback experience?

Preeti, a financial crime expert, took a career break to focus on her family. Now she’s back in business as part of the UBS Career Comeback Program. We took the opportunity to speak to her and learn more about it.

Why did you take a career break? For how long?

I was working in South India and relocated to Mumbai when my husband got a great career opportunity. It came at the perfect time as I wanted to take a break to take care of my newborn. So I took about two and a half years to focus on my family. I actually missed my job, so after that I was excited to get back in the game.

How did you find out about the Career Comeback Program?

I was contacted by a recruitment consultancy firm that works with the UBS. I had recently updated my profile on a professional platform in India and this is probably how they found me.

How was the hiring process and onboarding program?

We were informed beforehand about the process so we could prepare properly. We had a full selection day, during which we could meet senior leaders, network with other candidates, take part in some rounds of interviews and get an intro to UBS’s culture. I’m really glad I was part of it; it helped quite a bit.

So you’re a financial crime expert! Can you describe your job here?

We’re basically figuring out if some suspicious transactions are legal or not. We try to ensure that all processes are followed and things like money laundering or other illicit transactions do not take place. If we see things that don’t match up, we report them back to the compliance team. This is really important because we protect the reputation and the safety of the bank.

What were you doing before your career break?

I was working in a similar financial crime specialization role in the financial sector, which was great because it made it easy for me to get right back into the role.

What’s the best part of your job?

I really like to investigate. My job is completely research based, and I get to discover a lot of interesting things. Of course, the vast majority of cases I research turn out to be totally fine, but it’s exciting to catch the odd-one-out.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

My family also has a small charity taking care of people in their old age and providing them with food, clothing and other necessities. I also try to participate in volunteering initiatives at UBS whenever possible!

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