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Taking a seat at my desk, I feel a bit like a rabbit in the headlights. I wonder what my first working day will bring: a soft intro to my role or thrown straight in at the deep end? Either way, I'm excited and nervous all in the same breath.

After a warm welcome from the team, the information starts flooding in. I feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of new names and faces and types of content I must remember.

Soon, the challenges are set and I'm released from the starting blocks. While I know that my job is unique in itself (providing communications advisory and support for several executives), I definitely didn't expect my first task to be attending an employee townhall event that included our Group COO Sabine Keller-Busse and writing and publishing a wrap-up article about it. Nor did I expect to have the opportunity to interview the Group CEO Sergio Ermotti on diversity and inclusion topics just a few days into the job. Especially knowing that there are people who may go years without meeting the CEO of the company they work for! 

The hours fly by and the days turn into weeks. Being a full-time working mom with a three-year-old daughter to take care of fills every second of my time. My "career break" feels like a distant memory. It's like I was never away!

It's Friday afternoon, and I use the time to pause. I process and reflect on the past few weeks. While I always made it a priority to be in a job I enjoyed, it`s now official: I really think I've landed the coolest job on the planet!

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