We met up with Khushboo, a colleague in our Technology team with a passion for volunteering. Read how they do their part for the community through our volunteering programs.

Hi Khushboo. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I completed my Bachelor’s degree in information technology at Mumbai University. Before joining UBS, I started my career as a full stack application developer at another Investment Bank, working on applications that handle the treasury services of the bank.

And what do you do here at UBS?
I’m a software engineer in Finance Technology, working on applications for Group Accounting and Reporting. My main role is to take business requirements and then design and develop robust solutions using technology.

What part of your role do you enjoy the most?
The most exciting part of the job is that it’s continuously changing and evolving. You get to be part of the entire process, starting from the ideation phase to the final product. Every day is different, and I am constantly learning new things.

We’ve heard you’re also an active volunteer. How long have you been doing that?
I have been volunteering for the last five years, primarily concentrating on youth development programs.

I believe we all grow by helping each other. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs give us the opportunity to help less privileged communities. The responsibility to help society and make the world a better place lies with each of us.

Tell us the story of Meri Dukaan.
In rural India, many people don’t have access to quality education and so can struggle with some basic financial concepts. This means they might find it hard to manage finances at home and in their businesses. This problem was taken up by us along with our NGO partners at the Pratham Foundation. Both teams brainstormed different ideas and solutions to address this gap, and the idea of a financial literacy game app (called ‘Meri Dukaan’) was born.

Meri Dukaan helps individuals learn about banking (how to transfer/withdraw money), the fundamentals of credit, debt, loans, insurance, investments and more. This app can also help them run their businesses in a better way.

The team comprised people from different functions who were passionate about the cause. It’s always great to work with like-minded people who motivate you. This was an opportunity where we could utilize our current technical skills, learn new ones and have a positive and lasting impact on society. We always had the big picture in mind and focused on the positive impact this application will have on thousands of students.

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