Investment Training Seminar

2019 Event Highlights

Learn. Invest smarter.

We were delighted to host UBS Asset Management's 25th Annual Investment Training Seminar in Chicago, on 4 – 8 November 2019. With investors joining from around the globe, the event brought together our top strategists and investment specialists to discuss a range of topics.

The topics covered included the Global macroeconomic outlook and geopolitical landscape, Emerging Markets and protectionism and Asset Allocation: How to generate returns in the current uncertain economic and political environment.

Clear Vision

We have a clear vision. To work in partnership with you to achieve your investment goals and develop your international investment platform.

Time to evolve. A quarter century of FX reserve management

The past 25 years has witnessed central banks employ a policy of significantly increasing their foreign exchange reserves. We ask why and what the future holds.

Central banks and climate change: taking up the challenge

Permeating all levels of society, from private individuals, through business, to policy makers and governments, the effects of climate change will have an impact.

Collaborating for a low-carbon world

Climate change is the greatest risk facing our planet today, and we believe Asset Managers have a significant role to play in limiting its impact.

The infrastructure equity cycle

Institutional investor interest in the infrastructure sector is at record highs. This paper takes a closer look at the impact on valuations and examines where we are in the cycle.

Top trends in 2019

Our Top trends in 2019: Infrastructure Outlook paper and complementary video focuses on the three key themes to be aware of in Europe and North America to help infrastructure investors navigate portfolio allocation decisions.

US Real Estate Outlook 2019 – video

Tiffany Gherlone, Head of Real Estate Research & Strategy for the US discusses the emerging trends that we expect to shape US commercial real estate investment in 2019.