KeyLink Solutions

At Global KeyLink Services, our goal is to provide solutions for our clients to improve processes front to back. We act as consultant for specific needs and implement KeyLink to improve straight-through processing rates by integrating and automating client processes into those of UBS.

KeyLink is an international e-banking service allowing clients to initiate transactions and receive reporting, in a secure manner, with UBS and in a multi-banking capacity globally and for a variety of product offerings. Corporate, institutional and wealth management clients around the world use KeyLink.

Clients use KeyLink for business purposes as simple as eliminating paper trade confirmations and manual data entry to complex automated payment imports and trade executions. While it can be used as a simple instruction or reporting tool, the real value of KeyLink is as a full trade cycle settlement processing solution.

KeyLink is:

  • One system covering all products
  • Consolidated information for informed decision making (multi-currency, branch, bank)
  • Facilities for linking to internal systems
  • Industry standard interfaces (SAP)
  • Real-time exposure and risk information
  • Streamlined processing
  • Supports true international payments and treasury processing
  • Business process-oriented (Reporting/Trading/Settlement completes the cycle)