Collecting art is now more complex, challenging and rewarding than at any time in history. For the new breed of collectors, the orthodoxies of the past no longer apply and a spirit of openness and curiosity is emerging that has more in common with the trends of the digital world.

So believes Sylvain Levy, co-founder (together with wife Dominique) of the DSL Collection of contemporary Chinese art, distinguished by its forward-looking approach and its embrace of technology as a means of discovery and sharing. Now aided by daughter Karen Levy, the collection continues to evolve, while simultaneously exploring new ways of reaching audiences across the world. Using innovative digital tools, the DSL Collection can now show its artworks anywhere, anytime through their virtual museum platform.

In this short video, father and daughter Sylvain and Karen Levy reflect on a passion passed down through the generations, collecting beyond the comfort zone, and the beauty of shaping a family legacy greater than the simple sum of a collection's artworks. As new technologies continue to bring changes in how we collect and experience art, the future holds new possibilities.

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