Family advisory

Managing family wealth for the long term

Thriving as a wealthy family means addressing important questions.

What’s unique about your family? What’s the purpose of your family's wealth? How do you reach decisions and communicate them? In which way do you pass family values on to the next generation? How can you best manage joint family assets?

We help wealthy individuals and families manage their wealth for the long term. Our global team of experts will help develop and implement a unique and sustainable plan that makes sense for your family.

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Together, we can help you make your family wealth last.

How it works

Family governance

We offer a structured approach from advisory to execution services.

We guide you in developing a strategy for you and your family and support you in designing and implementing your bespoke family governance system, including a family constitution, family council and other decision-making governance forums. We do so through a series of thematic workshops or facilitating family meetings.

Family office

We support you with all your questions around organising your wealth professionally, from the design to the implementation of a new family office setup to the review of your current arrangements, taking into account key considerations such as: strategy, scope of activities, location, costs, business model, staffing and governance.

Next generation

We support your wealth transition journey and the next generation members of your family to become future leaders and responsible wealth owners. We do so through educational programs, events and global peer sharing-communities, addressing topics such as financial confidence, financial literacy, family wealth, leadership and personal development, as well as making a positive societal impact.

What next gens think

The report Voices of Next Gen: family wealth at the crossroads of legacy and impact presents an in-depth look into the mindsets of next gens. It sheds light on their world views, and shows how they

  • view wealth compared to their parents
  • drive innovation in the family business
  • change the face of their family offices
  • view opportunities to invest with impact

Are you financially confident?

Are you aware how your finances, goals, beliefs, decisions can interact and affect your life? Do you understand financial topics to help you decide what’s best for your money? Do you trust your financial advisors to have your best interest in mind?

Financial confidence is more than just financial literacy. We invite you to take a first step and explore these questions in our online assessment. It’s quick, fun, and gives you first indications where you might want to go a little deeper!

Download the report here

This report presents an in-depth look into the mindsets of next gens from family businesses and family offices who are seeking to innovate the way their family businesses and family wealth are managed.


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Your benefits

Dedicated specialists

Dedicated specialists

With our global coverage, we help you develop a plan and offer advice tailored to your needs. We can also support you in developing a family governance structure or family office, and with setting up decision-making bodies such as a family council or investment advisory board.

Facilitated dialogue

Facilitated dialogue

It’s important to have open discussions about your long-term family wealth objectives. We can assist with running family meetings or moderating educational sessions, thematic workshops and best practice sharing sessions that provide opportunities for the next generation to acquire skills and inspiration for their future.

Unbiased reviews

Unbiased reviews

We can review and conduct gap analyses of your existing arrangements, benchmarking against known best practices and global research.

Powerful insights

Powerful insights and ideas

You get access to industry-leading research and publications on family offices, family businesses, next-generation issues and other legacy topics. Gain in-depth know-how through our network of family offices and attend events to connect, exchange and share ideas on family wealth with like-minded people.

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