From entrepreneur to investor

Navigating the transition and preserving wealth

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In the latest report from our award-winning Chief Investment Office, discover how your investment strategy can become an invaluable tool for successful planning and managing of assets, even as these priorities shift over time. So the fruits of your labor won’t just last for your lifetime – they’ll live on for generations to come.

Wherever you are in your entrepreneur journey, we can help you find the right investment strategies for you. Find out more in our ‘From entrepreneur to investor’ report.

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How can I protect the wealth I created?

At UBS, we use the UBS Wealth Way framework to help you formulate a wealth plan and tailor it to your short- and long-term goals in life, so you can meet your different objectives.

for short-term costs

You always have enough liquidity to maintain your current lifestyle, reducing the risk of being forced to sell assets at the wrong time.

for long-term expenses

You use your wealth for the long term to preserve your assets whilst achieving all your life goals.

for goals that go beyond

You define what is important to you and how you want to help future generations or society.