Interbank Business


The Interbank Business Department of UBS (China) Limited was established in September 2014, which includes the Foreign Currency, Rates and Credit ("FRC")  business and Bank for Banks Relationship business.

Foreign Currency, Rates and Credit

UBS FRC has a strong franchise in all the key markets globally. It has gained strong market recognition across capabilities such as No. 1 Top Tier Foreign Exchange Market Share of 2014 (source: Greenwich Associates) and Fixed Income Electronic Platform of the Year for 2014 (source: Derivatives Intelligence – Derivatives Week Awards).

As a pre-eminent global provider of FX, rates and credit products, UBS offers a comprehensive range of products and provide extensive sales coverage and related services to meet our clients’ needs.

Core businesses and product offerings of UBS include foreign currencies, bonds, currency products, and interest rate derivatives involving sales, trade and structural design of multiple financial market products

The services UBS (China) Limited provides are as follows:

  • Foreign Currencies Services:

Spot exchange products and forward exchange products

  • Investment advisory services

Offers comprehensive information services on domestic and overseas investment which could help clients increase liquidity and profits.

Bank for Banks Relationship

The Bank for Banks Relationship division provides relevant services for financial institutional client.