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Women’s Wealth Academy learning paths

  • Financial issues explained clearly, directly and free of charge in your inbox
  • Several modules per learning path, with practical advice and background information
  • “Retirement” learning path: play an active part in shaping your pension planning so that you can still realize your dreams in 10, 20 or 30 years.
  • “Family” learning path: so that you can make long-term financial decisions on how to reconcile family, work and your relationship with your partner.
  • “Assets” learning path: The essentials of investing and managing your assets, because taking on responsibility for your wealth will pay off in the long run.
  • “Sustainable investing” learning path: achieve something positive with your investment whilst taking advantage of return opportunities.
  • “Philanthropy” learning path: how you can get involved and put your money towards a good cause.
  • “Real estate” learning path: Whether home, investment property or financial investment, learn about the most important aspects of real estate.
  • “Wealth Planning” learning path: Learn how to look at your financial situation in its entirety and align it with your goals. Whether over the short term, medium term, or several generations, wealth planning is a multi-faceted project.
  • “Alternative investments” learning path: Alternative investments can be a suitable way of enhancing and diversifying your Portfolio. Find out more about characteristics, opportunities and risks.
  • “Behavioral Finance” learning path: Investment decisions usually seem rational, but are they? Behavioral finance helps us to make more conscious financial decisions.

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