Women’s Wealth in figures – retirement For 75% of women, elderly care is key

Three out of four women describe elderly care as a very important long-term financial issue. What this figure means.

What are the key long-term financial topics for women? This is the question we chose to answer in our UBS Investor Watch study. The result: Three out of four women view retirement planning as their most important long-term financial need. This could be because three in four women also see the planning of elderly care – which is very expensive – as one of the main long-term challenges.

Why is this number important?

While the statistic demonstrates that women know their long-term financial needs, the study also reveals that many women do not get involved with these long-term financial issues. For example, seven out of ten women leave responsibility for long-term financial decisions to their partners.

A majority of women are keen to maintain their standard of living in old age. This is reason enough to get actively involved in financial decisions, because by taking responsibility for these needs, they’ll be able to look to the future much more confidently.

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Women who actively participate in financial decisions increase their chances of achieving financial security and are less worried about their future.

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