Women's Wealth

Financial planning for women

Being a woman comes with new roles and responsibilities time and again. To be prepared for any unexpected changes, an independent and strategic wealth plan is essential.

Why do women require a different kind of wealth planning?

Higher life expectancy

Swiss women live to an average age of 85.2, men to 81.2.

More careful decision-makers

Women are often more cautious when choosing their investment strategy

Financial disadvantages

60% of working women work part-time

  • Invest in the future: It makes sense to set up a personal retirement plan at an early stage.
  • Invest profitably: Invest your income taking your personal circumstances into account.
  • Prepare for the unexpected: Unemployment, part-time work and a lower salary when returning to work will affect your portfolio development.

By women for women: financial planning advice

Our advice – your benefits

  • Sensible wealth structuring based on your needs
  • Active support in planning your pension, succession and taxes
  • Specific financial planning just for women

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How do women manage their financial situation?

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