Increase your limit

How to increase your UBS TWINT limit

Higher transaction limits for UBS TWINT

With a UBS account or UBS credit or prepaid card, you benefit from higher limits when sending and receiving money with UBS TWINT. It’s easy: when you register, if you enter a UBS account (which needs e-banking access) or a UBS credit or prepaid card as the app’s debit account, you can transfer up to a total of CHF 5,000 and receive up to CHF 4,000.

Basic limit

Credit card and prepaid card

The limit on amounts sent using UBS TWINT is CHF 500 / 30 days
(After successful 3-D secure confirmation and ID application)1

Higher limit

UBS Account / Card2 with E-Banking or 3-D Secure3

The limit on amounts sent using UBS TWINT is CHF 5,000 / 30 days

1After identification, your identity card will be checked within a few working days
2UBS credit or prepaid card
3Confirm UBS Credit or Prepaid Card with 3-D Secure via UBS Access App. See more at

How to benefit from higher limits

The UBS banking package has everything you need – at an attractive flat fee.

  • Free of charge for young people and students
  • Free of charge in the first 6 months for new clients
  • Accounts for payments, savings and retirement planning
  • Debit cards (V PAY or Maestro)
  • Credit or prepaid cards for cashless payments
  • Access to UBS e-banking and mobile banking
  • Participation in the UBS KeyClub bonus program

Fill out the contact form and apply for e-banking.

Higher limit on receivable amounts for UBS TWINT

Do you receive client payments via TWINT? If so, you can register as a merchant and benefit from an unlimited receiving limit.

Basic limit

TWINT users

UBS TWINT receivable amounts limit CHF 4,000 / 30 days


TWINT merchants

As a TWINT merchant, you can receive unlimited amounts from customers