UBS KeyLinkThe global e-banking solution for professional clients

UBS KeyLink is a secure e-banking solution for professional clients. UBS KeyLink allows you to initiate and confirm a broad range of bank transactions across various booking centers via a single system, as well as obtain individual reports. UBS KeyLink provides access to a variety of cash, securities, treasury and precious metals products.

The high level of flexibility offered by UBS KeyLink enables you to build tailored solutions geared to your business processes and needs. Fully automated processes and enhanced risk control are possible thanks to your systems' direct connection to UBS KeyLink. And UBS KeyLink is also compatible with other banks' systems, provided they have a SWIFT connection.

Value proposition


Cost reduction and increase in productivity

Administrative costs can be reduced while increasing efficiency and productivity via:
• Import and export functions
• Intuitive user guide
• Order templates to reduce manual input
• Access to SWIFT communication system
• UBS branch and interbank account access

Risk control

Staying compliant through
• Logging manual changes
• Separation of order entry and monitoring
  (principle that checks are made by two, three and four   people)
• Order templates that can be individually write-protected

Efficiency and transparency

Business processes enhanced and simplified through:
• Modular software
• Intuitive and transparent user guide
• User-specific display via filtering, sorting and grouping of   data
• Expanded reporting functionality

Reliability and security

Reliable, competent service via:
• Web-based system that is encrypted using 128-bit   technology
• 24-hour support provided by professionals and local   teams in four time zones

For further information, go to the UBS KeyLink website.