When will I receive the statement for my vested benefits account and what should I bear in mind?

Your annual vested benefits account statement will be sent to you at the end of January in the following year. An account statement is not a tax statement. A tax statement does not need to be issued for a vested benefits account, as the credit balance is not subject to tax as income or assets.

Every deposit under 100,000 Swiss francs will be booked on the existing vested benefits account – provided that one already exists. For deposits over 100,000 Swiss francs, a new vested benefits account will be opened. So it is possible for you to have two or more vested benefits accounts with the UBS Vested Benefits Foundation. We send a separate statement for each account. Since we mail statements on a staggered basis, some statements may arrive at different times.

If you have multiple vested benefits accounts, you can request for them to be merged together. Submit your request to us via phone or in writing.

Once your accounts have been merged together, they cannot be split up into multiple accounts again.

Submit your account merging request to:

UBS Vested Benefits Foundation AG
P.O. Box
CH-4002 Basel