Investment funds / Investment plan

Can I invest my vested benefits in securities?

Yes, you can invest all or part of your vested benefits in securities, thereby securing the chance of higher returns. This way you can achieve capital gains, though you must also be able to bear any losses that might occur. A variety of UBS Vitainvest investment funds are available for this purpose.

If you’d like to invest all or part of your vested benefits on a one-time basis in UBS Vitainvest investment funds, please fill out the following forms.

Investment plan UBS Vested Benefits Account

With the investment plan, a fixed amount of your vested benefits is regularly invested in UBS Vitainvest investment funds. The preferred amount is automatically invested. Regular purchase of investment fund shares reduces the risk of investing at an unfavorable moment. To proceed, simply fill out the following forms:

No further charges are levied for managing and storing your fund shares. In addition, fund shares can be purchased and sold at any time without further costs.

Please send the completed and signed forms to the following address:

Vested Benefits Foundation of UBS AG
P.O. Box
CH-8098 Zurich