How do I pay a QR-bill?

The easiest way to pay a QR-bill digitally is to use E-Banking or the Mobile Banking App. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone or laptop camera and trigger the payment. If you don’t have access to Digital Banking, you can also pay the QR-bill via Multimat (camera available).

Paper-based payment

If you don’t have Digital Banking, you can also pay your QR-bill with UBS easy or easy international. Fill out the order form and submit it with the payment part of the QR-bill.

Please note that all the information printed or allowed to be added in handwriting on the payment part will always be provided along with the payment when making QR payments, regardless of whether this information is necessary for executing the payment. Handwritten additions (but not deletions) are only permitted if the amount and/or the invoice recipient “Payable by” is missing.

How do I issue QR-bills?

In order for you as a biller to be able to efficiently reconcile your receivables, it is essential to switch your account reporting to the camt format.

Don’t use your own invoicing software? You can create, download and print QR payment parts or complete QR-bills yourself on our QR portal. To do so, click on the link below. This self-service was developed jointly with UNIFITS.