Family advisory

Building a family legacy for generations

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You could still lead the company for years. That’s the perfect time to create a succession plan

Thriving as a wealthy family means addressing important questions, like:

What’s the purpose of your wealth? How do we pass on family values? How does our family ensure a successful generational transition? Is the next generation ready? How can we best manage joint family assets? Our team of experts helps individuals and families develop a tailored strategy and implementation plan to successfully manage their wealth and family affairs for the long term.

How it works

We offer a structured approach from advisory to execution services.

Family governance

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We guide you in developing a strategy for you and your family and support you in designing and implementing your bespoke family governance system, including a family constitution, family council and other decision-making governance forums. We do so through a series of thematic workshops or facilitating family meetings.

Family office

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We support you with all your questions around organising your wealth professionally, from the design to the implementation of a new family office setup to the review of your current arrangements, taking into account key considerations such as: strategy, scope of activities, location, costs, business model, staffing and governance.

Next generation

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We support your wealth transition journey and the next generation members of your family to become future leaders and responsible wealth owners. We do so through educational programs, events and global peer sharing-communities, addressing topics such as financial confidence, financial literacy, family wealth, leadership and personal development, as well as making a positive societal impact.

Your benefits

Dedicated specialists

Dedicated specialists

Established two decades ago, UBS Family Advisory has a global reach, unique in the industry. The team comprises of more than 20 experts and senior advisors advising wealthy families around family governance, family office and next generation development topics.

Facilitated dialogue

Facilitated dialogue

As a neutral advisor, we assist you with running family meetings, thematic workshops and educational sessions that provide opportunities for the current and the next generation to have an open discussion about your wealth objectives and charter a course of action for the future.

Unbiased reviews

Unbiased reviews

We review your existing family strategy and governance, helping you to close potential gaps or enhance your setup based on best practices and expert insights.

Powerful insights

Powerful insights and ideas

You get access to industry-leading publications on family offices, family businesses, next-generation and other legacy topics. Gain in-depth know-how through our network and attend events to connect, exchange and share ideas around family wealth with peers.

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