Lending and financing solutions

Most of us need additional liquidity at some point to cover short or medium-term needs. You may be exploring a new business opportunity or have your eye on your next property. Using your existing portfolio as collateral for a loan can keep interest costs down. Giving you a cost-effective solution as well as the flexibility you require.

Choose the best fit for convenient, attractively priced credit

  • Variable loan facility: Draw on this cash reserve as you need it, and pay it back in the knowledge that you will only pay interest on the amount of credit you’ve actually used
  • Fixed term advance: Take out a loan of a set amount for a specified period, fixing the interest rate for up to 24 months
  • Bank guarantee: Obtain an agreement that provides assurance to a selected third party should you fail to meet the stated conditions

Securing your borrowing against eligible investments in your portfolio means your interest charges may be significantly lower than with unsecured forms of borrowing. Collateral that we generally consider includes (but is not limited to) equities traded on major global stock markets, investment funds, corporate and government bonds and UBS cash deposits.

Further benefits for you

  • Keep your existing assets: Avoid having to sell any of your existing portfolio
  • Be flexible: Enjoy quick and simple access to funds
  • Tailor your borrowing: The loan amount, currency and timeframe are customised to your needs
  • Choose your currency: Our credit options are available in all major currencies
  • Pay interest on only what you borrow: Interest will be calculated on the daily loan balance and charged either every three months or six months, as agreed
  • Capitalize your interest: You may be able to add the interest to the loan
  • Enjoy full transparency: All costs are defined clearly up front so you know exactly where you stand

Risk considerations

The price and value of investments and income derived from them can go down as well as up. You may not get back the amount originally invested. Currency and interest rate changes can significantly reduce expected returns and asset values. If the value of your securities against which a loan is secured falls below a certain limit, you may be asked by UBS to furnish additional collateral or to repay the loan in part or in full. If you are unable to meet this obligation UBS may liquidate some or all of the investments used to secure the loan.

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