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As life expectancy increases, women in many countries are likely to live into their nineties. In response, women need to focus more than ever on their long-term financial needs, such as planning for retirement, long-term care and insurance.

Our research shows that women who participate in long-term financial decisions not only increase their chances of financial security but feel more positive about the future.

Make a fresh start. Together, we’ll help you put the right financial plan in place.

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UBS Women Forum

With the aim to support women to achieve greater financial well-being, we're delighted to share with you a series of live online events, podcasts, articles and special guest features on getting the most from your life and wealth.

Did you know?

Our research1 revealed that many women delegate long-term financial decisions – such as investments, pensions and insurance – to their spouses when they get married. That’s risky. As life moves on, different circumstances and events can force women to take control of their finances – when they’re least prepared to do so.

But it’s a different story for women who share decisions with their partners about long-term finances. They feel confident about the future and their money today, and they’re better prepared for whatever might happen tomorrow.

How financially confident are you?

Life can be full of surprises. Be prepared for the great adventure that is your life. Find out how best to achieve your financial goals as a woman.

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Life events

Few life journeys are neatly mapped out. More often, life presents us with forks in the road and detours. We take on these challenges because they enrich our lives – even if some of them are less welcome than others. But one thing remains true: a long-term asset development plan that safeguards your wealth will prepare you for many of life’s twists and turns.

Whatever phase of life you’re in, know what to keep in mind when it comes to your finances. Click on the life events below to find out more.

Investment opportunities that fit your needs and goals

Demystifying sustainable investing

The majority of women want to invest in organisations that promote social well-being, and we want to support them. We expect that sustainable investing will become a crucial way in which women will be able to achieve a greater social impact, with female investors set to invest USD 2.3 trillion in improving social good by 2021.2

How much do you know about sustainable investing?

Supporting gender equality

We’re committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5 to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. The World Economic Forum’s research shows that it will take up to 108 years to close the general gender gap, compared to 100 years in last year's report.3 One way we can support this change is through gender-lens wealth: mobilizing private wealth towards gender equality.

How does it work? People invest in companies that treat and represent their female staff equally, organisations that support women and girls, and female-led businesses with diverse teams. There's also evidence that companies operating in this way are well placed to succeed. What if you could help empower women when you invest?

How we can help you

The financial industry has lagged in its response towards women’s needs when it comes to their values and attitudes around wealth. Many women don’t feel confident making financial decisions.

That’s why we’ve committed to increasing women's financial confidence. We provide you with advice along every step of the financial lifecycle. Our aim is to be more than just a bank – we want to be a reliable partner that you can count on.

Quality expertise

Insights and a wide range of wealth solutions for every stage of your life.

Networking community

Opportunities for women to connect and access to specialists around the world.

Tailored advice

Advice that goes beyond investing and access to specialists around the world.

Financial empowerment

Support female financial independence and participation in making financial decisions.

UBS Women Forum

Since 2019, our UBS Women Forum events have been sharing insights on financial wellbeing - and how we can work together to make the world a better place. We're delighted to share with you a series of podcasts, articles and special guest features on getting the most from your life and wealth.

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